IQAC Activities

National Level Webinar on "Stress Management Techniques"

All the stakeholders are supporting pillars for the development of theinstitution. The non-teaching staff equally plays a crucial role assupporters. Taking care of the non-teaching staff in the pandemicsituation, the IQAC of the college on 5th May 2021 organized a National Level Webinar on "Stress Management Techniques".The Guest Speaker was Ms. Beena Chavhan, a certified counselor and arenowned speaker at Times News Channel.

A total of 240 participants registered for the program. Of which 33participants were Registrars, 10 participants were OfficeSuperintendent and 197 were Other Administrative Staff.

The program was well appreciated by the audience as it gave practicalsolutions to over come stress in day-to-day like amid Covid - 19


National Level online Faculty Development Program (FDP)

A Seven days National Level online Faculty Development Program (FDP) on an very important current topic of “ Goods & Service tax (GST) – An Overview of Syllabi from Practitioners’ Perspective” was conducted from Wednesday, 17th March 2021 to Wednesday, 24th March 2021. This was organized by Nirmala Memorial Foundation College of Commerce and Science Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) and Department of Accountancy in collaboration with Department of Commerce, University of Mumbai & ICAI – WIRC , Vasai Branch.
This main focus of this FDP was to upgrade the teaching, training and research skills of finance faculties. With everyday changes and dynamic taxation structure is inevitable that we adapt to these changes smoothly.
With these objectives, we had eminent personalities and highly educated subject experts take the sessions and give way to more knowledge and share their expertise in GST through real life examples.
There was a overwhelming response with more than 300 participants registering for the FDP from all over the country starting from Jammu & Kashmir to Kerala, Tamilnadu. We also went live on Facebook with the deliverance of each day.
The topics covered by the panel of experts were:


(, MBA in Finance, CCA, CFM, ADFM, DBA in Auditing and LLB (p))

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National Level webinar on Revised Assessment and Accreditation Process - MARCH 2021

On Wednesday , 10th March 2021, the Internal Quality Assurance Cell of the College,  organised a National Level webinar on Revised Assessment and Accreditation Process. Dr Ayub Shaikh , Associate Professor at I.C.S College and Founder Member of IQAC Cluster India was the guest speaker. About 216 participants attended the program.  The speaker gave indepth information and clarity on the topic of the program. 

One Day National Level Workshop titled “Brain the Super Power” - FEBRUARY 2021

The Department of BMS in association with Internal Quality Assurance Cell of Nirmala Memorial Foundation College of Commerce and Science  organised a One Day National Level Workshop titled “Brain the Super Power” on Monday, 22nd February, 2021 at 11:00 am.
*The Eminent Guest Speaker was Mr Pavan Bhattad, Speed Reading Expert, India's only Certified Senior Mind Maps Trainer,  Creative Thinking Expert Arbiter, World Memory Council Serial Entrepreneur. Founder of Asia 's First only Institute of Thinking.*
The event had 190 ( Students and Faculty members ) as participants taking the benefit of this workshop. 
The event took place on zoom platform. The take away of the program were the tricks to memorise and how to use the Super Brain 

NATIONAL level virtual Financial Elocution programme " The FINOLOGUE 2021"

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell along with Accountancy Association had organised on Friday, 12th February 2021 a NATIONAL level virtual Financial Elocution programme " The FINOLOGUE 2021" . Many enthusiastic students from various states and cities like Varanasi, Madhya Pradesh, Jammu & kashmir, Kerala, West Bengal and many other states / cities participated in this event vide sending their prerecorded videos. The participation count crossed a mark of 100 students from all streams, departments, cities. A selection was conducted and 30 videos were selected and forwarded to our judge of the event Prof. Dr. Megha Somani from Smt. Mithibai Motiram Kundnani College of Commerce and Economics, Bandra (W), Mumbai .

  • Topics of Financial Elocution:

  1.  Budget 2021 - A pathway to progressive Indian Economy
  2.  Financial Planning of Individual in post COVID-19 Era
  3.  Fraud - A Threat to Financial system
  4.  Stock market: An indicator of economic growth
  5.  Insurance - Risk Mitigation tool

It was conducted virtually on zoom platform. 
The winners were:
1ST POSITION - Shareen A, Varanasi, UP
2ND POSITION - Shubham P , Chhattisgarh
3RD POSITION -  Rajat Shrivastava, Varanasi,UP
                         Sheethal Dickson, Maharashtra

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One Day National Level Webinar on “Start with an Idea” - January 2021

On Saturday, 30th January , 2021 One Day National Level Webinar on “Start with an Idea”, was organised by the Start up Club and IQAC of the college in association with Mu Ideas Start up Club University of Mumbai.

The webinar recieved a magnificent response of more than 300 entries across the country received in less than 2 hours from the time the invite was been circulated.  Of which the short listed candidates are from Jammu and Kashmir, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, West Bengal, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Manipur, Pondicherry, Delhi, Karnataka, Bihar, Assam, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan , Meghalaya. Students and Teachers both registered and benefited from the webinar.

Well rightly said that by Thomas Edison “The value of an idea lies in using of it", the core objective of this program is to develop an entrepreneurial eco system  and to promote start-ups amongst youth , by creating a platform  for experts and renowned entrepreneurs to come together and create a data-rich environment for budding entrepreneurs and those who are interested in going for a start-up but have little knowledge about how to proceed. The program was instrumental in inspiring and enriching the participants in various perspectives of developing a start up club and showed a pathway to young creative minds.

The Guest Speaker of the program was Dr Aadesh Suryarao. Chief Executive Officer of Mu ideas University of Mumbai.  Insights on developing an incubation centre was given by him 

A total of 210 participants ( teachers and students across the nation) were the beneficiaries of the program click here for picture

International level Workshop  on " The Joy of Research " - JANUARY 2021

The Research Cell  in association with IQAC of the College organised a One Day
 International level Workshop  on " The Joy of Research " scheduled on 20th January 2021 at 2:00 pm
The session will take place on zoom platform. The program took place in two sessions.
 Session one , eminent speaker Prof Dr Sangeeta Pawar, Professor  in Department of Commerce, University of Mumbai spoke on The Conceptual Theory in Research Methodology. 
Session two, eminent speaker Dr Murugan P , Assistant Professor at  School of Management University of Hyderabad,  spoke on Effective Way for Review of Literature. 
Basic objective of the workshop was to be instrumental in learning and understanding the research process in social science.
A total of 302 participants across the national boundaries  registered and benefited  from the workshop. Click here for pictures

“Rural Entrepreneurship Development Action Plan (REDC)" - NOVEMBER 2020

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell and DLLE of the College  in Association with  Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya National Mission on Teachers and Training (PMMMNMTT) Mahatma Gandhi National Council for RuralEducation, Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, Hyderabad, organised a One Day Webinar on “Rural Entrepreneurship Development Action Plan (REDC) scheduled on Monday, 9th November 2020 at 11:00 am.

About 135 students of SYBMS, TYBMS and registered stunents of DLLE attended the program. 
The webinar gave insights on the motive of DLLE. At the end of the session   a business plan competition was taken by the resource person. Students were appreciated with a certificate of participation. 
  • The institution achieves special recognition under the support of Internal Quality Assurance Cell , NSS and DLLE CHECK HERE

  • Special achievement by the institution under the support of Internal  Quality Assurance Cell and DLLE CHECK HERE



One Day National Level Virtual Seminar- "Price Action Strategies for Stock Market Trading and Investment"

Department of B.Com (Accountancy) and Department of B.Com (Accounting and Finance) together with IQAC of  the College in  association with Learn price action had organised a One Day National Level Virtual Seminar- "Price Action Strategies for Stock Market Trading and Investment" on the topic- “Price Action Trading” on Thursday, 21st May, 2020.

The session was started with welcome speech given by CA Diya Mukherjee, Convenor. The Resource person for the session was Mr. Mahesh Kamath.

Mr. Kamath highlighted about how Price Trading Action works and how to identify price areas from where a sudden price rally or price drop originates.

 This session was useful to increase probability of success across various asset classes.

A total of 405 participants registered and attended this FDP on Webinar (Zoom) which included Academicians and Students from various colleges of India. 

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International FDP in association with the Griffith University, Australia - MAY 2020

The Faculty Development Program (FDP) was conducted from May 4 – May 8, 2020 i.e. from Monday to Friday, everyday from 04:00 pm – 05:00 pm.  The five day International FDP was in association with the Griffith University, Australia. 
The Moderator for the program was Mr. Abhay Mokashi, Convener – Ms. Deveeka Shetty and IQAC Coordinator – Dr. Poonam Kakkad. The entire program was closely monitored by our I/C Principal – Ms. Swiddle D’Cunha. 
We received an overwhelming collective response, on an average of 1500 participants per day on the Zoom and Facebook/YouTube.  
Though this FDP was open for all streams, its target audience was the faculties teaching Multimedia and Mass Communication.
 The count of participants in Maharashtra was 703; outside Maharashtra 57. Non Media Faculties also benefited a lot from this FDP as they received an open perspective into various arenas.
All the five resource persons are immensely knowledgeable, experienced and have a lot of wisdom on the topic they covered and during the session were very easily able to enlightening us. 
They are as follows: 
Day 1: Resource Person: Mr. Surinder Singh Oberoi - International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). The topic he spoke on was ‘Ethics of reporting in situations of emergencies like COVID – 19 pandemic’. The takeaway – In situations like COVID – 19 pandemics, many unethical reports take birth. Using the tool of fear many journalists report fake news, debarring the ethical parameters. In this session we understood how important it is to follow ethical reporting and how to not fall prey to fake news.  
Day 2: Resource Person: Ms. Sanya Seth - UN Women. The topic she spoke on was ‘Reporting issues of women during COVID – 19 pandemic’. The takeaway – Women issues or women related issues globally. Today women are working in hospitals, as helpers, etc. as well as go back home and look after household chores. 
There have been domestic violence cases also reported and women are facing them even more due to the lockdown. So here we understand that in situations like these it is very important to make sure that along with physical health, even the mental health is taken care of.
Day 3: Resource Person: Mr. Devendra Singh Tak - Save The Children. The topic he spoke on was ‘Reporting issues of children during COVID – 19 pandemic’. The takeaway – Children are the most important part of any country. 
In India 40% of the population are of children. During the lockdown period it is very important to monitor what they watch as they are constantly exposed to news, mobile games and internet. So in this session we understood it is very important to educate children on topics like sexual exploitation, to watch the right content, etc., 
Day 4: Resource Person: Dr. Kasun Ubayasiri – Griffith University, Australia. The topic he spoke on was ‘Ensuring that COVID – 19 pandemic is not attributed to a geographical region, community or creed’. 
The takeaway – We all are aware that the spread of COVID – 19 began in Wuhan, China, but we should also try and see beyond the parameters of region, community or creed. This session enlightened us with the thought that lets not bring such parameters and decide the future of Corona Virus globally.
Day 5: Resource Person: Dr. A. P. Jayaraman – Scientist, BARC (Retd.). The topic he spoke on was ‘Scientific approach for covering COVID – 19 pandemic’.
 The takeaway – COVID – 19 pandemic has taken a toll on every individual’s life globally. We do not, as of now, have a cure for Corona Virus, but we can definitely prevent it from entering our lives. 
In this last day of the five-day International Faculty Development Program what better learning we could get from understanding the different ways how can we scientifically not allow Corona Virus to affect us, through different remedial measures.
The International Faculty Development Program has given all the learners a high perspective in teaching students with a vision of guiding them and helping the students to provide right information regarding all aspects of COVID – 19. 

"Train the Trainer" - APRIL 2020

To sharpen the tools for quality enhancement the Department of B.Sc. IT – CS jointly with Internal Quality Assurance Cell  conducted four Day Faculty Development Program   on "Train the Trainer"  from Monday, 27th April to Thursday, 30th April 2020. 
It was an inter department activity where training was given by faculties of IT and CS department.
On Monday, 27th April, 2020, Ms. Bhakti Chaudhari spoke on Topic: MS – POWER POINT
1. Adding media to PPT
2. Making infographics 
On Tuesday, 28th April, 2020
Ms. Vaishali Mishra spoke on Topic: MS – WORD
1. Formatting paragraphs
2. Find, Find-Replace, Thesaurus 
3. Insert Visual content
4. Tables and its properties 
On Wednesday, 29th April 2020 Ms. Sumathi Rajkumar spoke on Topic: MS – WORD
1. Links, watermarks, headers and footers
2. Protecting and sharing documents
3. Preparing documents for printing
Topic: MS – EXCEL
1. Vlookup
2. Pivot tables and charts
On Thursday, 30th April 2020
Mr. Vikas Agarwal spoke on  Topic: MS – EXCEL
1. Formatting of cells
2. Using basic formulas like sum, countif, ascending order
3. Splitting of column into different columns
4. Merging of different columns into one column

"Self Defence" Workshop FEBRUARY 2020

On Saturday, 29th February 2020 Internal Quality Assurance Cell organised a "Self Defence" workshop for Non teaching staff members . The workshop was conducted by Ms. Monika Laishram , recipient of black belt  at World Funaba Federation . The Non Teaching Staff members learnt simple teachniques of defence and took hands on experience of it. CLICK HERE FOR PICTURES


Faculty Development Program on "Advantages of QMS Certification to an Institute” - JANUARY 2020

The IQAC of the college organised a Faculty Development Program on "Advantages of QMS Certification to an Institute” . Expert speaker was
Dr Maushmi Dutta . 22 Faculty members benefited from the program. The program was scheduled on Friday, 3rd January, 2020 CLICK HERE FOR PICTURES

One day State Level Workshop - "The Joy of Research" - FEBRUARY 2020


Research cell and IQAC organized one day State Level Workshop in collaboration with Department of Commerce, University of Mumbai on "The Joy of Research" on Saturday 22nd February 2020. There was splendid response to the workshop,90 participants attended the workshop, which included Academicians and Students from various colleges of Maharashtra. The eminent resource persons were CMA Dr. Kinnarry Thakkar, Professor and Head, Department of Commerce, University of Mumbai and Prin. Dr. K.Y. Shinde, Sant Gadge Maharaj College, Khetwadi, Mumbai. The resource persons covered topics like selection of research topic, framing of title, review of literature, drafting of hypothesis, sample selection, proposal preparation for M.Phil and Ph.D. and pathway to Ph.D.The topics covered by resource persons enlightened the participants to inculcate value for research and achieve their goals.


Faculty Development Programme on “Get acquainted with various investment options” - SEPTEMBER - 2019

IQAC organised a One Day  Faculty Development Programme on “Get acquainted with various investment options” . Guest speaker was Ms. Tejashri Naik, Branch Manager SVC Bank, The program was held on Friday, 27th September, 2019 CLICK HERE FOR PICTURES

A workshop on Stock Market Live Trading Session - AUGUST 2019

On Wednesday, 28th August, 2019 IQAC and the Department of B.Com ( A & F) organised a workshop on Stock Market Live Trading Session for the students of second and third year BMS and B.Com ( A & F) .

75 students participated in the workshop. 
CA Dharin Shah was the Master Trainer, who gave hands on experience to students.
At the end of the session a competition took place amongst the participants. Team having the highest value of portfolio at the end were declared as winners.
Following students were the winners of the competition.
Winners of stock market live trading
First Prize
Karishma Salunkhe
Shubhangi Kumar
Second prize
Nilam K. Magdum
Aarti Manoj Prajapati
Third Prize
Shubham M. Bharisa
Mahesh Narismha


Awareness programme on ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) - APRIL 2019

On 23rd April 2019 IQAC organised a one day awareness programme on ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation), its process and benefits to the organisation. Mr. Mandlekar was invited to guide for the same. The speaker explained the steps and documentation to be done for ISO process, he also told the benefits of ISO for the institution. Around 50 teachers were present for the programme. The doubts were clarified and questions were solved by the speaker. CLICK HERE FOR PICTURES 

One Day National Conference - 2019

India is a rising economic power and a n increasingly important locus of innovation. This widespread stimulation led the IQAC and Research cell of our college to organize a One Day National Conference on Saturday, 23 March, 2019 at Nirmala Hall. The theme was ‘Multi Disciplinary Approach to Innovation, Transformation and Challenges’. Almost three months long preparation by the Conference Secretary and the Conference Convener with their team culminated into a praiseworthy successful program with the reception of 80 research papers, out of which 63 papers got selected to be published and 14 papers were presented in two technical sessions.

The CEO Appetals Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Shri Ishwar Jha was the chief guest and keynote speaker of the Inaugural session. The session was beamed with the gracious presence of the Director, Nirmala Memorial Foundation Smt. Aruna Desai, Principal, Degree College Mrs. Swiddle D’Cunha, Principal, Junior College, Mrs. Sylvia Fernandes, Principal, B.ED College Shri Vijay Javlekar, Mentor B.Sc. IT & CS Prof. S.B. Patil and the Chairperson of the Technical Session, Dr. Shailesh Kediya, Associate Professor and HOD, DIMIETR,Wardha, besides the conference secretary and convener Dr. Poonam Kakkad and Dr. Alpa Upadhyay respectively.

The inaugural function was addressed by Shri Ishwar Jha where he literally demonstrated the word innovation amidst the audience. Dr. Alpa shared the glimpses of the sub-themes of technical sessions while the Principal Mrs. Swiddle D’Cunha presented the glorious journey of the college and the culmination of conference idea.

The paper presentations were marked with authenticity and sincerity. Research papers of Ms. Shraddha Karande of Smt. P.N.Doshi Women’s College and Shri Bharat Joshi of K.P.B. Hinduja College of Commerce were declared the Best Research Papers of their respective technical sessions. 

The USP of the conference was the UGC approved E-Journal ISSN 2394-7780 with an impact factor of 7.36. CLICK HERE FOR PICTURES