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मराठी वाङ्मय मंडळ

Marathi Vangmay Mandal has been formed to promote, develop and preserve the Marathi culture among students. Hence, efforts are been made to organise various programmes to inculcate this culture. This year following activities were conducted by Mandal. 

1. Snake awareness session on the festive of "Nag Panchami". 
2. An appeal was made to the stakeholders of the college to contribute stationery instead of sweets during Ganesh utsav at college. 
3. On 27th February 2019, Marathi Bhasha Divas was celebrated by inaugurating Bhitti Patra and showcasing different language, outfit and culture adopted in different regions of Maharashtra. 
4. Students participated in Jallosh - intercollegiate fest organised by Sydnem College. 

EVENT : Marathi Bhasha Divas

On Wednesday, 27th February 2019, Marathi Vangmay Mandal of our college celebrated " Marathi Bhasha Divas" and following activities conducted: 

1. Inauguration of Bhitti Patra (Collection of poems and short stories contributed by students)
2. Felicitation of Mr. Raut for making a remarkable change in the Kamlacha pada of National Park. 
3. Marathi dance form "Lavni" was performed and "Abhang" was sung by a student. 
4. Bharud - folk art of Maharashtra was presented by students.
5. Different cultures of Maharashtra depicting their language, dressing style was showcased