National Service Scheme

NSS Activities

EVENT : Rakshabandhan Celebration with Police Force (SPRF)

NSS Unit celebrated Rakshabandhan Celebration with Police Force (SPRF) on 20th August 2021. Girl volunteers tied rakhi and had interaction with them. The Police force highly appreciated the gesture of volunteers. Around 8 volunteers were present for the event. 


EVENT : Rakshabandhan Celebration with Police Force (SPRF)

NSS Unit celebrated Rakshabandhan Celebration with Police Force (SPRF) on 20th August 2021. Girl volunteers tied rakhi and had interaction with them. The Police force highly appreciated the gesture of volunteers. Around 8 volunteers were present for the event. 


EVENT : Stem Cell Registry

 On 12th and 13th February 2020 NSS Unit along with MDRI team organised awareness and stem cell donor registry. Dr. Praveen, went class to class for spreading awareness about stem cell registry and on 13th February 2020 the samples were collected. Overall, 168 donors were registered. All the stakeholders actively participated in the donation drive. 


NSS volunteers visited old age home at Borivali West (citizen welfare association). Volunteers did dance performance and sang songs with them. One of our volunteer also performed powada. 



The NSS Unit conducted 7 days residential camp at Bhalivali from 30th November to 6th December 2019. The unit has adopted Belvadi village to conduct various social activities. Around 50 volunteers actively participated in contributing towards society. Following activities were conducted. 

1. Wall painting at Z.P.School. 
2. A soak pit was built to give a way to water that flowed from hand pump. 
3. A bandara was constructed to increase the water level of river. 
4. Distribution of clothes and books to underprivileged people staying in the village. 
5. A session on basics of stitching was organised for women associated with Self Help Groups, which help them to earn their livelihood. 
6. In co-ordination with Andhashraddha Nirmulan Sanstha a session on blind faith was organised for students of Ashram school. 

EVENT : Orphange Visit

A visit to Nityanand old-age and orphanage was arrange to sensitize the volunteers with the current scenario of society. Our NSS unit donated walker to oldies and books to children. They were happy to receive both.  Around 15 volunteers were part of of  this event.

EVENT : Blood Donation Drive 2019

On Thursday, 25th july 2019,NSS unit of our college organized blood donation drive along with meenatai blood bank and supoorted by lions club.The total blood bags collected by unit was 200. A huge response was received from students,volunteers and ex-students of the college.Donars were given refreshments,Donar cards,certificates and goodies. Around 80 volunteers worked dedicatedly to make the event successful and contribute to the society


The Road safety week was observed by NSS volunteers by having one to one interaction with bikers and telling them the safety measures to be followed while riding. A skit was also performed by volunteers to spread awareness. A sticker denoting phrase "someone is waiting for you" was also pasted on their vehicle. The programme was supported by police inspector of samta nagar police station and Rotary club members.

EVENT : 7 days Residential Camp

NSS unit of Nirmala Memorial Foundation College – Kandivali organised 7 days (6th to 12th January 2019) residential camp at Belvadi. This village has been adopted by the college and working for the betterment of villagers form last 2 years. This year following activities were carried out by the unit.


  1. A free dental check up camp was arranged for villagers around 200 people were benefited through this check up.
  2. The team of NSS volunteers worked hard to build 2 soak pits near hand pumps. These hand pumps will help the water to percolate under the ground instead of flowing on the road. This activity also made the village from mosquitoes. The Police Patil of the village has to say that this soak pits will help villagers for next 20 years.
  3. In co-ordination with Gaya Foundation 30 trees (mango, chiku, Jamun etc) were given to villagers and a promise from them was taken about preserving these trees.
  4. As per the requirement of Ashram school following sessions were conducted for students of the school

- Self defense and health hygiene session by team of NSS volunteers under the guidance of Prof. Rishabh Desai.

- Mr. Balaji Banate, NSS volunteer took a session on photography to develop the skills of selected students.

- Dr. Megha Juvekar, Programme Officer of NSS unit took a session on girls hygiene for girls studying form 8th to 12th std.

  1. A cultural evening was spent with villagers in which a Bharud, Maharashtrain folk was performed for spreading awareness on different social issues like family planning, women empowerment and maintaining clean environment.

Around, 500 villagers are benefited due to these activities. It was a good practical learning for volunteers to contribute and make a difference in the life of villagers. 

EVENT : Media Coverage for NSS camp

EVENT : Session on Cancer Awareness

NSS unit organised a session on Cancer Awareness for students. A founder member  of cancare NGO Mr. Sagir Deshmukh was invited to take the session. He  spoke about precautions that can be taken and symptoms of cancer.Around 60 students were benefited from this session. 

EVENT : Road Safety

After realising a growing issue of road accidents among youth. NSS unit along with Rotrary club organised a session on Road Safety for students. Around 70 students were benefited out of it. Further, these students will be spreading awareness in near by vicinity during Road safety week. 

EVENT : Childrens' day

On 14th November 2018 NSS volunteers celebrated Childrens' day with students of Anganwadi at Poisar and Mira road. Volunteers planned out games and same were played with those kids.  



On 4th November 2018 our NSS unit celebrated diwali at 2 places 

1. *Kanchad Village, Wada*
▪Games were organised by our volunteers for ladies 
▪Note books and stationery were distributed to children.
▪Home visits were made to counsel them distribute the diyas
2. *Street children at Mira road*
▪Drawing competition was organised
▪Books and stationery was distributed
▪Green crackers were burned along with street children


On 23rd December 2018, NSS unit performed a skit spreading awareness about consuming organic food and support farmers to sustain their livelihood. A flyers were distributed to inform people the benefits of organic food. Around 15 volunteers were involved in it. The same was also covered by DNA Media. 

EVENT : Vijayadashmi

On the occasion of Vijayadashmi, our NSS volunteers gave greeting cards and flowers to motorman, ticket checkers, station master, gangmen etc. The main objective was to appreciate their efforts for working during festive season. The area was covered from Dhaisar to Bhayandar and around 10 volunteers were involved in this activity.


As a part of daan utsav week one of our staff members donated 5 bags of grocery items containing 
5 kg rice
1 litre oil
1 kg rava
1 kg moong dal
1 kg sugar
This donation was distributed among street children near gorrai along with roti ghar group. Later our NSS volunteers spend some time with them. Volunteers were sensitized with the challenges that those people have to go through everyday.