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EVENT : Mock Parliament – Budget 2019

Planning Forum and Students Representatives Committee had jointly organized a Mock Parliament – Budget 2019 in Mini Auditorium on Saturday, 10th August, 2019 at 11.30 am. The Speaker cum Judge was Prof. S.B. Patil (Mentor of IT and CS Department).20 candidates participated in the event. Various topics were given to students with for and against point of views.Winners of The Event are as follows: 

1st Position : Vaibhav Agarwal     F.Y.BMM

2nd Position : Rubina Shaikh        T.Y.B.Com

3rd Position : Chandni Mishra      S.Y.B.Com

Certificates were distributed to the winners and to other participants as well. It was an overwhelming experience for all the participants.  

EVENT : Budget Vishleshan -2019

Planning Forum of our college in association with Rotary Club had organised a Seminar on Budget
Vishleshan - 2019 on Saturday, 13 th July 2019 at 11.30 am onwards in auditorium.
The session started with the National Anthem. Some information was given about rotary club. After all
the formalities, the session began with the seminar on Budget.
The Guest speaker was CA. Subhas Kedia. The session was very informative and brainstorming. Almost
480 students had participated in this seminar. Question answer round were very interesting.
Students were keener to attend this kind of seminar in future.