Principal's Message

The perceived role of a college is fast changing. Earlier, it was a place where teachers were expected to teach the prescribed syllabus and equip the students to pass the examination so that the students get a job. But in today’s competitive world, a college means much more than a place to learn the syllabus and appear for the examination.

Your marks in the examination is helpful to you just to get a job. However survival in the job and developing your career depend purely on your performance. The grade or rank you secured in the examination cannot help you after getting the job. Keeping this in mind, a college is expected to concentrate on the all-round development of its students. In other words, a good college is the one which helps the students in developing their personality..

Personality development necessitates command over language/s, self-confidence, communication skill, ability to build team, time management, punctuality and many more. Success of a person depends on these abilities. The college has to give opportunities to its students in developing their personality along with equipping them in performing well at their examinations.