About NMFC

The Library Advisory Committee (LAC) and Students Library  Advisory Committee (SLAC)

The Library Advisory Committee (LAC) and Students Library Advisory Committee (SLAC) serve together as the wind beneath the Library wings to attract more and more students and staff members to its premises by organizing innovative events and applying attractive methods. They hold on to the objectives of helping students to develop reading habits for their knowledge enhancement and facilitating faculty members or encouraging them simply to browse through the books, newspapers, journals and online resources and eventually inspiring them to become the admirers of learning .

The committees ensure that the library services which are provided, like OPAC, Reference, Referral, Reprography, MICM (SMS library), Access to internet resources, and Book bank scheme are judiciously utilized by the library visitors. The SLAC members engage in open conversation with other students as well as teachers about library facilities. They collect constructive feedback to help improve library resources, services, physical and digital spaces. This helps in creating a better student experience and an interesting teacher feel, altogether a surreal ambience at the library.

List of members:

  1. I/C Principal Ms. Swiddle D’Cunha - Chairman
  2. Dr Monika John - Convener
  3. Ms. Janvi Bhatia - Member
  4. Mr. Vikas Agarwal - Member
  5. Mr. Aadil Sunasara - Student’s representative
  6. Ms. Kajal Singh - Student’s representative
  7. Mr. Ravindra Pawar - Member Secretary


Events undertaken during the academic year (2018-19)

  • Organized a Faculty Development Programme on optimizing the use of INFLIBNET NLIST on Thursday, 30 August, 2018.
  • Organized a workshop in association with English literary association on 01 February, 2019 called ‘A tour to Library for English Extravaganza-2019’.
  • Announcement of top readers and top book issuers among faculty members and students.

Top readers in Library

Student                    : Pathak Sandeep Rajkumar SYBMS B/52

Faculty member      : Prof. George T.

Top book issuer


Patel Hitankumar Hiralal SYB.Com D/47

Soni Akash Gyanchand   SYBAF B/44     

Faculty member

Prof. Geeta Bhatia